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Ade FS
Global Marketing Category Manager KOPIKO at Mayora Group

It was a pleasure to be connected with Glenn and join MEC. Glenn is a passionate marketer, who not only seeks marketing knowledge for himself but also proactively initiates the Marketing Enthusiast Community, which enables us the marketers to share knowledge across industries, companies and even regions.

Thumbs up Glenn! 

Novan Bill
VP of Marketing at Fitmee Indonesia

I had the pleasure of joining MEC and it has been a truly enriching experience. The community is filled with like-minded professionals who are passionate about marketing and eager to share their knowledge and experience.

The meetup which was held last Feb 11th, 2023 organized by the community is top-notch and provides great insights into the latest trends and best practices in the industry. The community also provides ample opportunities for networking and building meaningful relationships with other members.

I highly recommend MEC to anyone who wants to enhance their marketing skills, stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and connect with a vibrant community of professionals.

Rivan Wijaya
Director at NielsenIQ

I had the pleasure to collaborate with MEC at an event in Surabaya recently, where I witnessed that its member is amongst the most enthusiastic marketers that I have met. Not only very active, but they are also very keen to learn and grow their knowledge. All the best for the MEC and wish we can collaborate again sometimes in the future

Ananda Gunadharma
Senior Brand Manager at AkzoNobel

Glenn is passionate marketers. With his spirit and the help from his network, he is able to build this MEC (Marketing Enthusiast Community) growing stronger and bigger. He has great vision to bring all marketing practitioners across industries and level, starting on connected together within same platforms turns into one of the most powerful marketing network which all of the members can do regular sharing session, asking anything about campaigns, marketing issues, current trends, best practices to enrich the other team members and benefitted each others. Wishing best of luck for Glenn to keep this spirit and passion to growing & connecting all the marketing practitioners in Indonesia. 

Eveline Larisa
Head of Marketing at

I was impressed by Glenn mission and effort to create a valuable group called MEC with a pure heart to connect and syncronize all marketing expert from every industry in one place without hidden mission but purely to facilitate & serving communities like a "Home of Markeeters". Let's bring all Indonesian Marketeers #ToTheNextLevel. I recommend all of you to join MEC, not only meet Glenn and I, but also all Marketeers to get valuable experience

Hardian Prabowo
Brand Manager at HM Sampoerna

I greatly recommend Pak Glenn as the founder of Marketing Enthusiast Community (MEC). From my point of view, he has a very significant initiative to provide a positive environment for marketers to learn and grow further at MEC. His dedication to sharing and creating a social impact is an exemplary attitude for anyone. Good luck to the MEC Pak Glenn, and always keep inspiring!

Ridhan Fadhlir Rahman
Marketing Research at Djarum

I've joined Marketing Enthusiast Community and found him to be enthusiastic, energetic personable. He is a skilled communicator and give his best for the community. MEC is a community that aims to share insights between experts in the marketing industry.

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