From Idea to Reality: The Inception Story of the Marketing Enthusiast Community (MEC)

The Creation and Early Days

Write a brief description In the transformative year of 2020, amid the global impact of COVID-19, the Marketing Enthusiast Community (MEC) was born. Our journey began in Surabaya, with a vision to connect with local marketers. However, the response was slow to arrive. Undeterred by the initial challenges, my focus shifted to Jakarta, a city brimming with potential.

Fueled by unwavering belief in the vision, I embarked on a journey to build a team. Comprising exceptional individuals, each shared the conviction that MEC could evolve into something extraordinary. Through challenges and uncertainties, our team remained steadfast, united by the faith in our collective ability to turn MEC's potential into reality.

Shaping our inaugural offline meetup in Jakarta posed an immense challenge. Operating on a tight budget, without sponsors, and with a small yet resolute team, finding a suitable venue was akin to solving a complex puzzle.

With persistence, creativity, and an unyielding spirit, we overcame these challenges. Each obstacle fortified our commitment, each hurdle fueled our determination. What began as a humble endeavor has now blossomed into a vibrant community that proudly includes members from director-level positions across local, multinational, and global companies. Today, our community stands as a beacon of innovation and camaraderie, united by a shared belief in the power of collaboration.

Our community is curated and exclusively for marketing practitioners. We are dedicated to providing a platform for growth, networking, and knowledge sharing among marketers. As we stand tall as Indonesia's leading marketing community, we are a testament to the power of shared belief, unity, and the relentless pursuit of our vision. Our path thus far has been transformative, and the road ahead is illuminated by the common purpose that binds us.

Marketing directors from local, multinational, and global companies have joined our ranks, solidifying our position as a pioneering force in the industry. Our journey, marked by collaboration and growth, continues to inspire!

Best Regards,

Glenn Karela Purwanto, MM, CPM (Asia)
Initiator of Marketing Enthusiast Community


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