What is MEC?

The Marketing Enthusiast Community (MEC) is Indonesia's foremost marketing community, established by Glenn Karela Purwanto, MM, CPM (Asia), in 2021. It stands as the pioneering practitioners-based, level-up platform in the field of marketing. Our community proudly caters to over 500 members, hailing from local, multinational, and global companies, each representing their most prestigious brands.

What is the purpose behind MEC's existence in Indonesia?

MEC exists in Indonesia to offer a platform that cultivates relationships and fosters professional growth. Our core mission revolves around promoting activities associated with thought leadership, advancing professional skills, conducting consumer insights, and driving commercial success for individuals pursuing a career in marketing.

Who meets the criteria for MEC membership?

MEC is accessible exclusively to actively engaged professional marketing practitioners. This encompasses roles such as Brand Management, Marketing Communication, Digital Marketing, PR & Media, Social Media, Research, Creative & Design, provided they hold a minimum managerial position and boast a track record of at least 3 years in the heart of the marketing domain.

Why am I ineligible to join MEC?

If your professional profile falls outside the realm of core marketing practices, such as Sales, Account Management, Business Development, or Operations, regrettably, you do not meet the criteria for membership. Similarly, Consultant, Media, or Agency Professionals are not eligible to join this community!

What is the process for joining MEC?

Kindly request a recommendation from a colleague who is already a member of MEC. Alternatively, you can click on the 'Join Now' option to connect with our team.

Is it possible for agencies to become members of MEC?

MEC has a policy in place that strictly disallows the promotion or sale of products to its members (unless, of course, you are a brand owner seeking collaboration with other brands). As a result, for the benefit and convenience of all MEC members, any involvement of consultants, medias, agencies, event organizers (EO), vendors, or suppliers as members is strictly prohibited. We appreciate your understanding and respect for this decision.


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