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Welcome to the Marketing Enthusiast Community (MEC): Shaping the Future of Marketing, Together!

MEC stands at the forefront of the marketing community in Indonesia, established in 2021 by the visionary Glenn Karela Purwanto, MM, CPM (Asia). Designed for ambitious first-level practitioners, MEC connects industry pioneers. It's not just a community but a curated platform for ambition and innovation, with 500+ members including local champions, multinational giants, and global leaders. Covering brand marketing, strategy, research, and more, MEC sets new marketing standards. Every member contributes to an environment of excellence. Unlock growth through thought leadership, professional development, and consumer insights with MEC. Join today to be part of shaping the future of marketing!

Introducing Our Distinguished Members

Ricky Afrianto
Director & Global Marketing Director

Mayora Group

Paulus Immanuel
Head of Innovation & Development

Kapal Api Global

Ferry Haryanto
Marketing Director

Garuda Food

Nanang Siswanto
Marketing Director

Agrinesia Raya

Sintra Wong


Irfan Setiaputra
President & CEO

Garuda Indonesia

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Resonating Testimonials

Ricky Afrianto
Director & Global Marketing Director at Mayora Group

Pak Glenn is a great marketer! He is passionate about marketing and consumers. His dedication to marketing is proven through his works and also his contribution toward the marketing community in Indonesia where he successfully brings people and organizations across different fields and categories together, discuss, and contribute to each other for a brighter marketing in Indonesia!

Sintra Wong
Director at Datascrip

MEC is a fast-growing marketing community in Indonesia initiated by Glenn. It comprises various passionate and knowledgeable marketers from different industry backgrounds. I am glad to be invited to the community and amazed at the sharing passions of all the community members. I attended the offline gathering in Jakarta recently and found that the sharing sessions from various expert members were eye-opening and truly useful in strengthening our marketing skills and insights. I strongly recommend that all marketing practitioners throughout the country join and contribute actively to this community to further enhance the marketing competence of us all.

Bobby Suadi
VP Marketing of Prudential Indonesia

A great initiative to share and springboard ideas and creativity, from the intellectual minds of the marketing community, for the purpose of adding greater value to our consumers.

Ignatius Untung
Chief Marketing Officer at Allofresh

Glenn is a people connector. His determination on driving MEC growth has obviously beneficial for the members. He shamelessly greet and invite well regarded marketing professional to gather in MEC to re-learn, collaborate and connects. It’s a rare opportunity for any marketer to be part of MEC!

Andreas Advent Sitompul
GM Marketing at Ichi Tan Indonesia

So lucky to find this amazing community. I attend the first event, helped by Mr. Glenn, the founder and also amazing guys. A lot of marketing experts are in this community, tons of experience sharing, and always updating the new trends. Can't wait for the next event. MEC Keren !!!!

Danny Tanurahardja
GM Sales & Marketing at Pasific Paint

Congratulations Pak Glenn on the remarkable achievement of building a thriving marketing community! Your dedication, creativity, and leadership have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in this success. It's truly impressive to see how you've brought together like-minded professionals and created a space for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Your passion for marketing and the community you've cultivated are inspiring. Here's to continued growth, meaningful connections, and countless more accomplishments in your journey ahead. Cheers to your success! 🎉

Media Spotlight: Crafting Our Narrative

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CNBC Indonesia

Fenomena PHK atau layoff massal sudah terjadi di berbagai perusahaan digital tanah air sejak tahun 2022 lalu hingga saat ini. Banyaknya peristiwa PHK di dunia digital ini...

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Memperluas jaringan di industri marketing merupakan hal yang penting untuk dilakukan. Fakta tersebut disadari oleh Glenn Karela Purwanto...


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